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Who we are

  • direct warranty service partner for ice makers Hoshizaki and german ice machine brand Wessamat
  • we sell only ice machines and ice crushers
  • we have own testing ice makers center
  • we look for the newest information in around europe’s trade shows

Why our company

  • we interesse only for ice makers
  • we are number one in selling the best quality ice machines
  • we are always near you, our sales and services team visiting all countries where we sell the machine
  • we cooperate with ice factories in Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Hungary to looking for better machines

Where are our customers from?

We supply Europe

  • Austria, Germany
  • Czech republic, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Slowakia
  • Croatia, Bulgari, Romania

About Hoshizaki ice maker

  • Ice maker Hoshizaki is high level of hygiene and quality ice .
  • For every cyclus we use new and fresh water for the best ice quality
  • All ice cubes have same form, are clear and the melting time is very log.